The aim of these courses is to enable the student to develop a sound knowledge of the Word of God and to be well grounded in Biblical Theology.  It is a journey that will enhance the student’s understanding and appreciation of the main components and foundations of Christian faith.  In this learning experience, the student will be equipped, with practice, to rightly divide the Word of God and apply what they have been taught for personal development and to positively impact others around them.

Building Block courses consist of 3 interlinked subjects that compliment each other in terms of their theme.  Building Block 1 involves the following:

  1. Christian Foundations (THE 161)
  2. The Principles of Bible Study (PTH 101)
  3. Hermeneutics (THE 230)

These are foundational units which are included in the Certificate programme and are an excellent starting point for the serious Bible student.

They consist of 6 half day or evening sessions over an 18 week period.  On completion, the student will gain 9 SCH which can be built on to eventually achieve a Certificate, Diploma or Degree, if the student so desires.

Students are only committing to 3 units at a time at a cost of £600 per block and further blocks can be undertaken at a later time that is convenient to the student and their circumstances.

Lectures will be presented online via Teams or Zoom, where several students can form a class.  No need to travel!

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